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1. Object of workshop series: Getting policy makers to understand new roles of them in the cybersociety, for sustainable societal development.; how to make solid technology and societal policy in the knowledge society
-subobjective (longer term) :to create a common way of policy modelling, how to meet the value communities and the governance for a robust decision making on European (in general multinational) level
-subobjective: how to link societal innovation and technology innovation, in order to achieve sustainable societal behavior,
-subobjective: how can bottom-up-user-centricism and robustenass of society be achieved at the same time; what is the governance model, what is the societal leadership model?

2. Objective/target of Reboot Workshop: Setting the groundwork future work

  • Understanding the challenge of bottom-up and top-down governance in policy making
  • Familiarising ourselves with relevant/ similar initiatives
  • Deciding on a strategy/ set of strategies
  • Brainstorming for creative solutions maintaining the societal robustness
  • Finding good people to get involved in further work: community-building
  • Collaboration tools

3. Strategy for Reboot workshop and event
The workshop/event in Reboot is to be seen as initiator for a deeper debate on the future policy modeling and governance in the knowlege society, enabling value community building, negotiation, mediation across those communities and decision making structures; to explore new politics processes.

4. Communication Setup: Not set up yet! (i.e please help do this if you have a few minutes!) Up and Running!

Web 2.0 infrastructure

- via livestream on this page http://www.eurotechno.com/

- audio/video registrations will be available after the workshop: how got done? what tools or services? (possible tools:
http://www.ustream.tv/ or http://bambuser.com/) .

- tag across platform, twitter acount and hashtag is "eurotechno" with discussion before, during and after the event

- web content with this tag is accessible here: http://www.pageflakes.com/eurotechno

- RSS aggregator of web content with this tag is here (add it to your RSS reader):http://pipes.yahoo.com/pipes/pipe.run?_id=d4529aab6d88a333bab8e438c4e7ca48&_render=rss&tag=eurotechno

Mailing List
Wikipedia: https://europeanpolicyrecommendations.wikispaces.com/

Social Media presence
Facebook group/page/ aggregators

Written material/ texts

New & version of above text

Participants/ People to Invite
Who do you think can contribute, and in which way? How do we engage them? How do we get in touch with them?

Leads on terms, contexts, debates, people, projects, articles, blogs, laws, courses, tools, aggregators, services, organistations, research etc::
(If you use delicious then just tag it with " for: eurotechno")